Tutorial: Digital Pinking

I was addicted to scissors back in my paper scrapping days. Those scissors that made different edges on the paper? Yeah. They were my favorite. I had two dedicated drawers for my collection. I won’t tell you how many pairs I had. Enough to be embarrassing.

Over the years, my collection was whittled down to just three: two scallops and one pinked. They’re still my favorite scissors for paper projects, and even though I’m a digi girl these days, I still find myself wanting to add scalloped and pinked edges to my layouts.

I had the opportunity this week to work with a kit called Winter Cabin by Shannon McNab.

When I was building this layout, I wanted some visual interest at the bottom of the photos on the left side to offset all the busy going on in the top right-hand corner. Most of the time, I would just add a scallop. But on this particular layout, the scallop gave it a feminine feel that felt completely wrong against the papers and photos. But the pinked edge was just the right touch!


I’ll be working in PSE 10.

I have just a blank page, but normally, I would be doing this right on my layout on its own layer.

Start off by right clicking on the Rectangle Tool icon and selecting the Custom Shape Tool.

Up in the top left-hand corner, you’ll see a box that says “shape” with a picture next to it. That will drop down and give you loads of shape options. Find and select the diamond shape. You could do this with the triangle shape, too. I just prefer the diamond shape but I couldn’t even tell you why. Ha!

Now click down on the paper and drag the shape until it’s what you want. If you hold down “shift”, it will constrain the proportions. Or you can just play with the length and width until you’re satisfied.

Here’s my shape!

Okay. Let’s duplicate that. You can duplicate two ways.

1. Make sure the diamond shape layer is selected and then hover over the layer in the right side bar. Right click and select “duplicate”. Your duplicate will be right on top of the original shape and you can now move it over to the side.

2. Select the diamond shape on the background page. Hold down the “option” key on the keyboard (or the windows key on a PC) AND “shift” while you click and drag the duplicate shape over. The option (windows) key will duplicate while the shift key keeps the shape from going all over the place.

Whatever method you choose, make sure to keep duplicating until you have a line of diamonds across the page.

Now go to the right side bar (the Layers palette) and select all the diamond shape layers. You can do it quickly by selecting the very top shape layer, holding down “shift”, and selecting the very bottom shape layer. Once they’re selected, right click and choose “Merge Layers”.

At this point, you have yourself a clipping mask of a pinked edge. It’s ready to be resized (if needed) and tucked under some paper on your project. All it needs now is some paper clipped to it and, of course, a drop shadow! In my layout, I clipped the cream solid paper (from Winter Cabin) to the pinked shape.

But what if you don’t want just a pinked border? What if you want a mat or something to have a pinked edge? I’ll show you!

So I’ve made my border smaller and rotated it.

Select the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle next to the pinked border. Make sure to cover up the about half of the diamond shape.

Now select both the pinked layer and the rectangle layer over on the side bar. Right click and select “Merge Layers”. Now you can clip whatever paper you want to your pinked-edge mat! In this example, I’ve clipped some green, striped paper from the same collection to the mask. I’ve also added the “popped paper” drop shadow from Gennifer Bursett’s shadow styles.

Fun, right? And if you do decide to give this a go, link me up to your layout or project!


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