Gavin – 11 Months

Gavin wouldn’t sit still for me this month! Even with help from Lars, it wasn’t enough to contain him. I ended up with a lot of blurry photos and photos of him trying to get to me or eat the camera.


We finally had to bribe him with food.


We’re now into the stage where it takes two of us to sweep the floor: one to sweep, one to hold Gavin. Because he thinks we’re building him his own personal food pile. *shudder*

He prefers walking to crawling. Well, he actually prefers running, but the little dude can’t get his feet to cooperate. So it’s more like a run/walk. Or as we like to call it: Ralking.

He loves playing with the Little People sets.

He knows how to open the computer desk door so we’ve had to tape it shut. He knows and has located the beginning of the tape, but he hasn’t figured out how to rip it off yet.

He can clap, give high-fives, and wave.

He likes to sit at the dinner table and eat what we’re eating. He also tries to join the conversation with his babbling. It’s pretty cute.

He’s also very particular about his milk. He likes warm almond milk in his blue and green sipper.



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