Upton Christmas Party

Last Tuesday was our annual community Christmas party. There aren’t very many of us, but MAN! We love to party!

The ward took care of the dinner, but each family was to bring their favorite cookie for dessert. This was an easy one for me since there’s only one cookie I can make. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. For the first eight years of Bethany’s life, she thought that cookies had to be eaten with a spoon. Once the timer would go off, Bethany would come tearing into the kitchen yelling to the rest of the kids to “grab a spoon! cookies are done!”. And then they’d proceed to scrape the large mass off the pan so they could eat it.

Poor things.

A few years ago, Lars started a super fun game called “Guess That Cookie”. Prize for whoever could name the cookie I just created. I’ve made Lemon Crinkles that exploded in the oven. Snickerdoodles that went UP instead of OUT. Chocolate Chip cookies that looked like little UFOs – all the chips stayed in the middle while the rest of the cookie spread to the edges of the pan. And for a few months, in a misguided effort to make cookies healthy, I started using pinto bean flour instead of regular flour. They were just as bad as you’re imagining them to be.

Here’s the recipe for The One and Only Cookie I Can Make


I used my phone to take pictures so I could send them to Lars – he was upset about missing it – so that’s why they’re all kind of blurry.


Lucy made sure to save a seat for “Sister Bannette” (aka Lynette), her nursery teacher. She loves Lynette so much. They had dinner together and it was very cute.


We did some sing-a-long stuff and there were a few performances – Max got to play his recital piece – and then Santa came!


Lucy was hysterical. She stuck her little nose in the air and put her fist on her hip. She was really just trying to be brave, but it was so funny!


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