End of 2012

I need to get one last post in before the new year! Our December has been really busy and I’ve been neglecting my little blog.

December 8: Christmas Recital


We look forward to these. The kids work on their piano pieces for months leading up to this moment. This year, Max chose “Do You Hear What I Hear?”. As soon as my mom played it for him, he just knew it was his song. He worked hard and had it memorized by November.

Bethany chose a version of the song “The First Noel”. It was short, but difficult. It was a bit above her skill level, but my mom felt confident she could do it. She’s a hard worker and she’s got a gift for the piano. She didn’t memorize it, but she played it beautifully. She’s starting to really feel the music. She’s able to feel when the music should get louder or softer.

December 8: Bethany’s Birthday Party

After the recital, we headed over to Golden Corral (Beth’s choice!) for her birthday lunch with my parents and my sister’s family. She was so excited to get her very own iPod.



The discovery of the cotton candy machine was the very best moment ever.

December 13: The Arrival of The Other Christensen Family

This is the day that we got a Christmas card from another Christensen family. Lucy insisted on having that card with her whenever she ate. She would set the card right next to her and talk to her “friends” while she ate.


We eventually had to throw the poor, mangled, VERY LOVED Christmas card in the trash.

December 16: My Dad Goes Sledding


I don’t know if we’ll ever again live in a place with a super awesome hill like this one.

December 23: Sugar Cookies for Santa


December 24: Christmas Eve

We made plans to spend Christmas Day at home – for the first time in twelve years. We thought Lars would have to head back to Vernal Christmas night and we didn’t want to spend the whole day driving around to the different families. We found out the Friday night before Christmas that he’d actually get the 26th off, but we had already bought the food and made the arrangements so we kept things as planned.

Monday morning, we put dinner in the crockpot and left for Salt Lake. Our first stop was my parent’s house. My aunt and uncle were in town and we had a nice lunch together. We all opened gifts and chatted for a bit before we took off for a visit with the Christensen family.

We were able to stay for a couple of hours before heading home. It snowed pretty heavily all day and we wanted to drive home while it was still light outside.

We had dinner, frosted our cookies, and piled in the front room to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol.

December 25: Christmas Day

I made our traditional Danish for breakfast. We had a nice, lazy day just playing with the kids and watching movies. I have some pictures but not a ton.




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