First catch of the year!


He waited a week for Lars to fix the auger. He made sure all his snow gear was clean and dry. We told him he could go down to Echo after lunch on Saturday. So naturally, he wanted lunch at 9 am. When everything was  f i n a l l y  ready, Lars, Max, and Liv made the 15-minute drive to Echo. Max missed the first fish, even with Lars helping him.

But he tried again. This time Lars was about 150ft away, helping Liv, when Max started screaming that his pole was moving. He picked up his pole and yanked the fish up on the ice before Lars was able to get over to help. He did it all by himself.



2 comments on “First catch of the year!

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow Max!!! That’s a pretty big fish. Good job reeling it in all by yourself! Love, Grandma Thomson

  2. Rachel says:

    That’s awesome! Brrrr.. that looks so cold. :o)

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