Well hello there, Uintah Basin.

Nothing about this job change, move, or uprooting has been easy. It’s been such a pain in the butt getting all of us in Vernal together, and even after we had a closing date, things just continued to be hard.

We were told that we’d be signing the closing documents on Thursday, February 21. They were going to set up a courtesy closing for us closer to Coalville so that I wouldn’t have to drive all the way to Vernal, but we found out that it would help push things along in a more timely manner if I just drove to Vernal. So Thursday morning, I loaded all the kids up in the car at 7:30 am and headed toward Vernal. We picked up Lars at his office and drove out to our new house – about 10 minutes away.


It was the very first time I’d seen it in person and OH BOY! It was just perfect! Lars had taken pictures and sent videos, but nothing prepared me for how perfect this house is for our family! The rooms are big, the dining room is big, the bar at the counter looks like it will seat 4-5. There’s a wall in the living room for the piano. The yard is big, the area is beautiful, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world.

We took the kiddos out to lunch and then went to sign papers. It was pretty fast and we were on the road by mid-afternoon. We were told that the only thing we were waiting on was the Certificate of Occupancy which we’d have by Friday at close of business so we went ahead and ordered the moving truck for Friday afternoon.

On our way out the door to get the moving truck the next day, we got a phone call. We were told that there was a problem with the closing documents. The price of the house was wrong on some of the paperwork and so we’d have to shred all the stuff we signed on Thursday and come back in to redo the closing. We were totally devastated. They were working on an early occupancy agreement for us, but they weren’t sure whether or not the sellers would allow that.  We had to make a decision. Do we drive for an hour to pick up the moving truck with the hope that the sellers will agree to an early occupancy? Or do we cancel the truck (and all of our moving help) and just try and close the next week?

We decided to pick up the moving truck and take our chances.

Once we got home, we got another phone call saying that the sellers wouldn’t agree to early occupancy. Lars was ticked. We had already transferred our down payment and the loan was good so there really wasn’t any reason for them to not agree to us moving in early. After a few phone calls, Lars found out that the seller’s realtor hadn’t relayed any of that information to the sellers. Once the sellers found out about the down payment, they said we were good to go. WHOO-HOO!

We had lots of help Saturday morning – from the community and family. We packed, loaded, and cleaned all morning long.


Last fire. I wasn’t sure if I was happy or sad about that.

My mother-in-law thought to bring up some lunch for everyone – chili, baked potatoes, sandwiches. We pulled out of Upton after that – with our ginormous U-haul, the Durango, a Suburban with a loaded trailer, and a truck with another loaded trailer.


Some of the helpers posing in the front room in the house in Upton.

We arrived in Vernal at dinner time, and with help from some of our new neighbors, we unloaded everything and started the looong process of unpacking and putting everything away.


One comment on “Well hello there, Uintah Basin.

  1. Kellee says:

    I hope you post some pics of your new house soon!!

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