The Kitchen

It took me about a week to get all of the inside boxes unloaded and everything put away. But that was just the inside boxes. Not the boxes that were still in the garage, but it was a start. Once I was able to freely maneuver around the house without tripping over stuff, I started to get really excited about the kitchen.

When Lars first showed me the floor plan, the kitchen looked like a galley-style kitchen (which is what we’ve always had) with a place for bar stools and a tiny dining area. I was a little bit disappointed with the smallish kitchen because I was hoping for more counter space. We cook with fresh foods – from scratch – so a teeny working space is sometimes really frustrating. But no worries – we would deal with it. The thing that concerned me greatly was the tiny dining area. There’s seven of us in our family and our table is already pretty crowded. I was wanting to find a bigger table once we got to Vernal, but it looked as if our own table wasn’t even going to fit!

I didn’t really understand how it was going to work until we got the table in there. Turns out, it fits perfectly – with enough room to walk around the entire thing. I don’t think that we’ll be able to get a bigger table right now, but that’s okay.

Notice the big fridge – I feel so spoiled! We have room to spare in that fridge. And water comes out the front of it! We no longer have to bring in drinking water because it’s already there. And safe to drink. So that’s been awesome. And the dishwasher! No more hand-washing for the seven of us! I think all of us (kids included!) were most grateful for this appliance. Our cabinets are an oatmeal color with dark brown distressing around the edges and on the cabinet fronts. Lars put the pulls on right after we moved in. The counters are granite and the flooring is hardwood.


This is where the kids eat breakfast. I’m so happy to have a bar again! We had a small island in our kitchen in Logan. It only had 2 bar stools, but I loved having the kids (three at the time) right up there with me while I prepped food. I love having that again!


I can make our tortillas right at the counter – no more doing it on the table. I love that. There’s actually 18 of them, but you can’t see them all in the photo. This was taken before the pulls were put on.


Here’s the whole room –


I still need to put up pictures and decorate. I’m terrible at that part and I usually don’t do it until Lars makes me. Ha!


2 comments on “The Kitchen

  1. Beautiful!! I love it. Dishwasher, work space, and counter space? I remember those…:)

  2. Kellee says:

    Oh i love it!!! It’s so bright and cheerful.

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