Ryan Shupe

Going to see Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband at the Sandy Amphitheater is an annual thing for the three of us girls: my mom, my sister, and me. This year was kind of different as my mom went out-of-state to see her sister. So we were left with an extra ticket. Rachel and I decided to keep it a girls thing and invite Bethany to come along – which I’m pretty sure made her entire year. She was so excited when we told her she was going.

After dinner at Chili’s and some frozen yogurt, we arrived exactly one hour early for the concert. You’d think after years of doing this, we’d remember what time the concert starts. Nope.

So my mom’s theory is that there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Well there are bad seats. And they’re  right in front of the bass speaker. Yay us. The bass was pretty  much all we could hear the whole time. Never again, Rachel. Never. Again.


This concert is usually so much fun with lots of energy and audience participation. But this year, it lacked some energy. Still fun, but a little bit different from past years. It seemed off somehow.


I think they’re singing My Dandelion in this photo.

My favorite song this year: Banjo Boy.


One comment on “Ryan Shupe

  1. Rachel says:

    I will not slack next year and make sure I get tickets right as they go on sale! :o)

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