Summer Bucket List: Hogle Zoo


So we learned right out of the gate that it now makes more sense for our family to buy a season pass to Hogle Zoo. Yes, we’re THAT big now.

So much has changed since our last visit. And it all looks fabulous! The train and playground were taken out while they work on a new area called African Safari. But we did get to see the brand new Rocky Shores area. And it looks like they’re getting ready to put in a splash pad! Hogle Zoo is going to be amazing when it’s all finished.

These are life-size animals made from Legos! They’re located next to the exhibits of the real animals. It was a very cool and unexpected surprise. I had no idea this was going on at the zoo this year.


Rocky Shores was awesome! They have an area where you can go to see underneath the water. The kids loved watching the otters.


This guy was so nice to my kids! He had a smallish group of people come in and listen to the story he told, but then my kids wanted to stay and ask questions about every.single.thing. in that little hut. LOL! It was fun though and I think they guy enjoyed having kids that were actually interested in his area. He showed my kids how to use a singing bowl and how to use chopsticks.


Gavin’s first time on the Carousal. He rode a seal, I think? I couldn’t get him to look at me!


Some of our favorite memories of this trip:

– Lucy walking the entire zoo without any assistance –

– the frisky peacock –

– Lego animals –

– getting rocks chucked at us by a disgruntled elephant –

– seeing a tortoise actually move fast –


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