Heart-Topped Box Template

Happy Valentine’s Day! We don’t really celebrate this holiday at our house, but I do love helping the kids make little Valentine’s for their friends. We’ve never bought them – we always make them. Usually, I’ll find a few different crafty-type ideas for Valentine’s and then the kids will choose from those. And since we’ve always homeschooled, the kids don’t need 30 of whatever it is we’re making. This means we can kind of spend some time and effort on our ideas.

This year, Bethany wanted boxes again, but she wanted the boxes to have a heart on the top. Lars engineered a cute take-out box with a built-in heart that closes on the top. She wanted to use the Hugs & Kisses kit from Robyn Meierotto. They turned out so cute! And Bethany just loves them.


SNAG THE TEMPLATE >>> Heart-Topped Box

I’ve included both a PDF file and PNGs. It’s an immediate download. Let me know about any download problems – I’m new at this file-sharing stuff.

We made some Red Velvet Puppy Chow (thank you, Pinterest!) and filled some small bags. We figured out that each box holds a little over 1/2 c.