Hybrid Tutorial: Summer Bucket List

This is a tutorial I wrote up for Deena Rutter’s blog, but I thought I would share it here too. It’s been so much fun for our family every year!

So this is our Summer Bucket List. It’s a list of all the stuff our family wants to do before school starts again in the fall. It was a just a single sheet of paper the first year we did it, but it’s since evolved into a photo diary of sorts that now hangs on our wall all summer long. The only thing we’ve really done on this board so far is the water balloons. I printed off a couple of photos from last year so that you’d be able to better understand how this will look once it’s all filled in.



–       Digital scrapbooking kits – I used mostly Pura Vida, but pulled in bits and pieces from some of Deena’s other kits: D-Cuts: Basic Shapes; Count on Me; Sail On; Scenic Route.

–       White cardstock

–       Photo-editing program – like PS or PSE

–       1 large corkboard

–       Spray paint (optional)

–       Small clothespins

–       Tacks

–       Hot glue gun and glue sticks


1. Totally optional: I spray painted the frame of the corkboard brown to match the Pura Vida paper. I used painter’s tape to hold down some butcher paper on the actual corkboard part before I sprayed the frame. It protected the cork from getting sprayed.

2. After the paint dried, I printed off some of the blue-striped paper and cut it into 1/2” strips. I adhered the strips all the way around the frame.


3. Next, I used hot glue to attach a tack to each of my clothespins.


4. In PSE, I designed a small tag for each of our bucket list items. I printed these, cut them out, and then chalked around the edges.


5. I used a very small amount of hot glue to attach each tag to a clothespin.


6. I arranged the clothespins on the corkboard, leaving enough room between them for our 3×3 photos.


7. Now all that’s left is to hang it up! We add a photo for each bucket list item as a way to visually cross it off.


Now go make some fun summer memories!


Hybrid Card: Happy Birthday

For this week’s RetroSketch!


Supplies: Little Girl by Echo Park; Shine by Karen Funk; eyelets – Stampin’ Up

Hybrid Card: Hi There

For this week’s RetroSketch!


Supplies: Dear Diary by Studio Basic Designs; Layered up in You: Scallops by Lauren Grier; The Summer Papers by The Ardent Sparrow; Painted: Page Textures by Robyn Meierotto; Kraft Essentials by Karla Dudley; Hello Love by Karla Dudley

Hybrid Card: Confidence

I have so much to catch up on now that we’re settling into our new home! I’m working on several blog posts, but I wanted to squeeze in this quick post so that I can participate in this week’s RetroSketches.


It’s based on this sketch right here:



Green Lights Ahead Collaboration by Karla Dudley and Gennifer Bursett

Heart-Topped Box Template

Happy Valentine’s Day! We don’t really celebrate this holiday at our house, but I do love helping the kids make little Valentine’s for their friends. We’ve never bought them – we always make them. Usually, I’ll find a few different crafty-type ideas for Valentine’s and then the kids will choose from those. And since we’ve always homeschooled, the kids don’t need 30 of whatever it is we’re making. This means we can kind of spend some time and effort on our ideas.

This year, Bethany wanted boxes again, but she wanted the boxes to have a heart on the top. Lars engineered a cute take-out box with a built-in heart that closes on the top. She wanted to use the Hugs & Kisses kit from Robyn Meierotto. They turned out so cute! And Bethany just loves them.


SNAG THE TEMPLATE >>> Heart-Topped Box

I’ve included both a PDF file and PNGs. It’s an immediate download. Let me know about any download problems – I’m new at this file-sharing stuff.

We made some Red Velvet Puppy Chow (thank you, Pinterest!) and filled some small bags. We figured out that each box holds a little over 1/2 c.


Hybrid Card: Thank You

We had the nicest surprise yesterday! One of our fantastic neighbors gave Gavin a belated birthday present. It was a Little People airplane and he loves it. It was so sweet of them to think about our little guy! I wanted to send a thank you card, but our regular cards are all packed up for the move.

So I made one.


It’s based on a sketch from RetroSketches.


It’s my first time participating over there and I really love how it turned out!


This Year by Scotty Girl Design

Skinny Stitches by Scotty Girl Design

brad – All is Bright by MME