Lucy’s Quiet Book

Two and a half years later…

I finally finished Lucy’s quiet book! Yay me! I was able to give it to her for Christmas and it was received with spectacular success.

I found the material for the cover at JoAnn’s. Actually, it’s the only fabric place I knew of until about the 4th page of this book. I just about died when I discovered these stores called “quilting stores”. The fabric is so nice. And the selection is unbelievable. I think the lady at The Fabric Center thought I had completely lost it the first time I was in there. It was so fun!


Notice the little pouches are NOT 1-10. That does not make any sense in a base 10 system. The nerd in me demanded that the numbers be 0-9 instead. The little carrots have the matching numbers on them.


There were two pages that I really struggled with. This clown page was one of them. The whole book is mostly hand-stitched, but I had to have a thimble to do the clown. Also, the instructions sucked. Clearly, the photo in the pattern showed that the author didn’t follow her own instructions. It was terribly written. She needs to fire her pattern testers. STAT!


A close-up on the map and treasure chest. This page was fun to put together. I hand-stitched the map and hot glued the gems.



The next page is Lucy’s favorite. She calls it “the honeybees” and it’s how she tells us that she wants to play with the book.


Cute little farm animals come out of the barn door. I was actually working on this page when I discovered the quilting shops. I was informed by some sewing gurus at JoAnn’s that farm animals are NOT fashionable right now. JUNGLE animals are fashionable right now. So I set to work finding a fabric store that did carry the farm animals I needed.


Here are the “honeybees”. It was my first time putting in a zipper.


The shoe page was the other page that gave me trouble. It was the first page I put together and it was pretty complicated for me. Again, partly because of crappy instructions. But partly because I was brand new to sewing. The snowman “melts” when you pull the ribbon at the bottom. And then you use the ribbon at the top to build him up again.


The little old woman comes out of the shoe.


Both of these pages went together really quickly. The flowers can be taken on and off. There’s money in the little wallet underneath the pig. You can put it in the little slot on top of the pig.


This is the last page in the book. There was supposed to be an “eye spy” page with loads of different things they could find, but I didn’t have all the little scraps necessary to put it together. I needed an inch of, like, 20 different fabrics. Yikes. That’s a lot of money. No biggie if you have a lot of scraps, though. I didn’t. This was my first sewing project ever. So Lars made me a little pocket for a pad and a pencil or a little treat.


Lu loves it. We keep it up high on a bookshelf because I don’t want Gavin getting to it, but we take it down almost every day when he’s napping.


This was made using a pattern from The Quilted Fish.